Once you are in the scorecard, you are allowed to start inputting the results. The first thing you will want to do is fill in the date that the match was played. You will also start inputting the names of the players for each match line. (Every player from each team will be on the drop down menu under each line.)

**Very Important: Report the score as the match was won! For example, your team may have won the overall team match but lost a particular line. For those matches, you will always report the score as it was won by your opponents. For example, if youlost your #1 singles match, you would not report the score as 4-6,4-6. You would report it as 6-4, 6-4, and you are given thechoice to select a “winner” for either the “home” team or the “visitor” team. So in this example, you would report the score 6-4, 6-4, and select the “other” team as the “winner” of the match.

You are also asked to give specifics about the completion of the match. If the match was completed, then you would select “complete.” If the match was started and a player had to quit the match due to injury/sickness, etc, then you would mark it as a retirement (i.e. you would input 6-2, 3-1, and then select “retired.”) If a team has to forfeit a match, you would select “default.”

IF YOU ARE REPORTING AN OPTIONAL 10 POINT TIE BREAK, enter the 3rd set result as 1-0 and selet "Timed Match".

**Very important: If you are marking a default, the only players that should be listed on the roster are the players that “won” by default. No score needs to be entered for a default. DO NOT mark it as 6-0, 6-0. A “double default” is when both teams cannot provide a line-up for that match. There is no need to fill out any players for a “double default.”

Once you report the score, the other captain will either “confirm” the score, or have a chance to “dispute” the score within 48 hours. Once the match is inputted and both captains confirm, your division standings will be updated immediately when you do a search for your team and/or sub-flight. If the score is disputed, the captain will be notified. ALWAYS have both captains sign each other scorecards (after each team match) to ensure that scores are accurate.

​Other Tips

  • If you have a question or issue, do not be afraid to call your league coordinator. They are here to help you! If you are a new captain, they will be your new best friend!
  • Assign a co-captain for your team! This will help for when you are out-of-town unexpectedly and can have someone take over for a team match. If there is not one currently, e-mail info@ustaatlanta.com and give your name, your team #, and the captain you want to assign as co-captain. Once assigned, they will be able to have captain access on TennisLink.
  • Contact your opposing captain at least 3 days in advance to coordinate logistics for the team match.
  • When speaking with your opposing captain, confirm the facility address (www.netcord.com is great) to make sure you have the correct address on file. You will also want to find out the number of courts that will be given for match and court surface.
  • If both captains agree, you may play your match earlier or at a different time on match day. Keep your coordinator informed if you do this!
  • "Home" teams are required to provide two courts of the same surface for each team match. Unless another arrangement was made (and "agreed upon" by both captains), the first two matches to go on will be the #1 singles and the #1 doubles. The #2 singles and #2 doubles should be there within one hour after the start of match time, and the #3 doubles should be there within the next hour.
  • Make sure your player is registered on your team before stepping foot on the court. If your player’s match is started at 12:30 PM, and they registered on the team at 12:32, it is an illegal match and will be disqualified and awarded to the opposing team.
  • Home” teams are not required to provide refreshments for team matches. However, please consider providing light refreshments for your visitors, as they may be traveling a long way to come to your facility..

Team Summary Page

You can get to the team summary page by clicking on any of your teams under the My Teams tab on the Welcome Page. On the Team Summary page, you can view your Team Standings/Stats, Match Schedule, and Player Roster (with rating info and contact information for your team).

Match Schedules

If you click on the Match Schedule button located on your team summary page, you will be able to do the following:

View match schedule (home and away matches)

View opponent contact information, including phone numbers will appear)

View Match ID #. Note: You will need the Match ID to report scores for that specific match.

Recording A Score

So many ways to do this! If you are on your Team Summary page just put your cursor over the match date and you will have the option to print a blank scorecard, view or enter the score. This same happens when you put your cursor over the match number on your Schedule page. Some of this might not work for Mac or tablets.

If you scroll down on your Leagues Page and find the match date you just have to click on the Enter Score link.

If you have the match number or Match ID you can do the following:

Go back to your My Tennis homepage and select the “Record a Score” link. To record a score, you will need to have your own individual USTA # and the match ID # of the match you are reporting.

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TennisLink Instructions

Despite being a little confusing at first (just like any software program), TennisLink will become the easiest online tool to use! TennisLink allows captains (and players for certain information) to do the following:

  1. Create a team online for any USTA Adult League and/or register a player for a team.
  2. View your match schedules and captain contact information.
  3. Report your scores online.
  4. View your current standings (right after you input a team match) and view statistics and results for your team as well as other teams.​
  5. New Team Management Tool (similar to Netcord and TennisPoint – free to use with your USTA registration).

Click here to download PDF document with Tennislink Instructions.

Logging into TennisLink

You must create an account in order to utilize TennisLink. If you don’t create an account, you will only be able to view 25% of what you would see if you were logged in. (BIG RED BUTTON below) You will need your USTA #, date of birth, and zip code to create the account.

If you have a USTA account already, simply log in each time you get to the TennisLink web site. (Look underneath the BIG RED BUTTON) You can also check the “keep me logged in” box, so you don’t have to log in every time you get on TennisLink.

Welcome Page (Once You Are Logged In)

  1. My Teams – includes all the teams you are currently registered on (Under My Teams tab)
  2. Register for a Team – allows you to register for a team using your USTA # and team # your captain created (Top Left - Blue Register Button)
  3. Online Team Creation – allows you to create a team for any league that is currently in registration (Under Quick Links Menu on Right side)
  4. Record a Score – allows a captain (or acting captain) to input scores (need match # from match schedule) (Under Quick Links Menu on Right side)
  5. Team Management – new team management tool similar to Netcord/TennisPoint (Under Quick Links Menu on Right side)

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