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Mixed Doubles

League Details:

Play is Friday night at 7:00, format is 3 lines of mixed doubles with a 10 point match tie break in lieu of 3rd set.
Levels offered are 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0
Last match and playoffs depending on number of teams
Season winners will advance to State Championships held the first or second weekend in August in Augusta, GA.

Guidelines for Play:

A player's rating cannot exceed the highest rating shown on the chart. Players must be within 1.0 level of each other.


Spring 2019

Registration Opens: January 20

Deadline to Register: Feb 16

Season Starts: March 9

What is Mixed Doubles?

Cherokee Tennis Association offers Mixed Doubles Leagues in the Spring and Fall. USTA membership is required. A team match will consist of 3 lines of doubles with a 10 point tie break in lieu of a third set.

USTA League Tennis Mixed Doubles allows players of different NTRP levels to play together, encouraging participants to form teams with their friends, family and co-workers. Players without a NTRP rating are permitted to self-rate. If a participant is actively playing in the USTA League Tennis Adult, then the Mixed Doubles match results do not affect the person's rating. A player who competes only in the Mixed Doubles leagues will generate a Mixed Doubles Rating.

The winners from each level will advance to the State Championship in August. In order to have a successful season, we need lots of teams. Please start speaking with everyone you know who plays at the 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 levels. Encourage them to form teams, the more the better! If you have a very large team, consider splitting into two teams. You only need 6 players each week. If you have court availability issues, we'll work with you! And as always, we'll accommodate anyone who has Men's/Women's USTA State playoff conflicts during the season!

Level Player Level
Individual Rating
Cannot Exceed
Minimum Rating
5.0 2.5 with a 2.5
2.0 with a 2.5
2.5 2.0
6.0 3.5 with a 2.5
3.0 with a 3.0
3.5 2.5
7.0 4.0 with a 3.0
3.5 with a 3.5
4.0 3.0
8.0 4.5 with a 3.5
4.0 with a 4.0


9.0 5.0 with a 4.0
4.5 with a 4.5
5.0 4.0
10.0 5.5 with a 4.5
5.0 with a 5.0
5.5 4.5


Fall 2018 (Championship Year 2019)

Registration Opens: August 10

Deadline to Register: Sept 23

Season Starts: September 28, 2018

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Mixed Doubles CALENDARS

State championship dates:

August 9 - 12, 2019
USTA League Tennis Mixed 18 & Over and 40 & Over State Championship
(18 & Over: 2.5, 6.0 - 10.0) -  Valdosta
(40 & Over: 6.0 - 9.0) - Valdosta