Tennis Association 

Cherokee County 

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Cherokee County Middle School Junior Team Tennis

Registration is open and ends September 14
Matches are on Friday night at 5:30PM
Matches begin September 28 and end November 2

Matches will be played against other Cherokee/East Cobb County Middle Schools
We will have two levels of play:

  • A Level – Regular ball
  • B Level – Green Dot ball full court (open to 5th graders)

There is a boys’ team and a girls’ team
Both singles and doubles will be played. 
A minimum of 7 players is required per team.
Practice will be determined by your team captain and coach. 

Please contact Sandra Woodard for more info on how to create a team at

Format of play


  • Teams are gender specific.  Boys will play boys - girls will play girls. 
  • Each team must have a minimum of 7 players.

  • The number of players needed for a match is 6.  However, if you only have 5, you can play a player twice. 

  • No more than 12 players per team is recommended.


  •   Each team match consists of five (5) individual matches played in order of 1 Singles, 2 Singles, 1 Doubles and 2 Doubles


  • Players must be in the 6th, 7th or 8th grade. 

  • 5th Graders can play B level with green dot balls


  • 2 out of 3 short sets to 4 with ad scoring with a set tiebreaker played at 3 all (first to 7 points by 2) and a match tiebreak played instead of a third set (first to 10 points by 2).

  • Teams shall receive 1 point for each game and tiebreak won; maximum 40 points per match

Sandbagging – Player Movement

  • Stronger players must be played above weaker ones. Place the strongest players at the 1 Singles position, medium ability players at the 1 Doubles and the weakest players at the 2 Doubles position. Once a player has played 1 Singles, he/she may not play 2 Doubles. By the same token, if a player plays 2 Doubles, he/she may not play 1 Singles.  Players should be moved in steps. After playing a match at 1 Singles, the player must play their next match at 2 Singles then 3 Singles then 1 Doubles. The reverse procedure is the same when the player is making a move from 2 Doubles.  However, the goal is to have the strongest players playing the strongest players doing down in ability level.


Match Schedules

  • Matches will be scheduled using TennisLink Scheduler computer program.

  • The schedule will be available on TennisLink and will include the dates, times and location of all matches.

  • A match, which includes a 5-minute warm up, must begin at the scheduled time.

  • A default occurs when a player fails to appear within 15 minutes of the scheduled match time.

  • The purpose is to have the students play their matches. Be as flexible as possible in using the default rule. If it is at all possible to wait a little longer, please let the students play their match. On the other hand, do not abuse the rule by assuming that your opponent will waive the default time. Take all necessary steps to make sure your players are present and able to begin play at the assigned time.

  • If you know you will be short players at the scheduled match time please see if a line can be played early so all players have the opportunity to play. 

  • If your team must forfeit a position, please contact your opponent prior to the scheduled match.

  • Warm-ups should be limited to five minutes


  • No substitution may be made in an individual match after the warm-up has begun, except for illness, injury, or no show of a player prior to the start of the match. (i.e. the first point has not been played.)
  • If no substitution can be made within 15 minutes, that position will be forfeited.
  • Lineups should be exchanged between the opposing captains before the match begins.


Weather conditions that shall authorize the cancellation of a scheduled match are lightning, rain or severe temperatures (a temperature of 32º or colder, or a temperature of 100º or more). 

  • If there is any question about the weather, please call 770-331-0293
  • Make-up matches should be played as soon as possible.
  • Make-up matches must be played within 7 days and may be made up on an individual match basis.
  • Both managers should agree on the makeup day, time and location and the home team should notify the league coordinator.
  •  Inclement Weather During Play: In the event inclement weather occurs after play has begun, completed individual matches will stand as played and incomplete matches must be resumed by the same players at the exact game and point that existed when play was halted. Suggestion: write match details (score, server’s name) down as players leave the court.


  • If both managers agree, a match may be played early due to a majority of players being absent and must be played before the originally scheduled match date.  Notify local league coordinator of date and time the match will be played.  


  • A player may place twice in a match


  • No excessive cheering or clapping is permitted.

  • No clapping for errors.

  • It is the responsibility of the coaches and captains to work together as a team to control the spectators and parents conduct during match play.